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a strategic business partner of Profiles International

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If you knew an employee…

Would that make building an organization easier?

If you're spending too much of your time on people problems, and hiring good employees is a priority for your organization, we can help. We teach companies how to implement a systematic process that is guaranteed to reduce employee turnover and improve productivity. Steve and Vicki have over 50 years of combined human resource experience. Steve has been certified as a Staffing Specialist (NAPS) and a Professional Employer Specialist (NAPEO). Vicki has been certified as a Professional in Human Resources (SHRM).

"Put the right person in the right job, train and motivate them, give them an opportunity for advancement, and your company will grow and prosper." - J.W. Marriott

Bonus Plans

Is your current bonus plan not working? Have you avoided installing a bonus plan because you're afraid it won't work properly? These are the issues we've seen with many companies. After studying hundreds of bonus plans and the reasons they failed, Steve Wilson developed The Bucket Bonus Plan. The "Bucket" Plan has been recognized by INC Magazine, the US Chamber of Commerce, the National Center for Employee Ownership and several other business organizations as a simple, effective and virtually "fail-proof" bonus system.

Rather than calendar-based (quarterly, annual), the Bucket Plan is based on increments of profit. When the company fills a "bucket" with X dollars of profit, a bonus is paid. Fill more buckets and get more bonus checks! Although the Bucket Plan is relatively simple to design and install, there are many subtle tips and issues that should be considered. We will gladly review your current bonus plan, and help you develop a more effective plan. Steve is the author of "The Bucket Bonus Plan", copyright 1998. You can request a copy of his book using the "Contact Us" page.

Open-Book Management

If you really want to reward your employees, get them actively involved in your business.

With every body, you get a free brain!

Open-Book Management (OBM) and the Great Game of Business are related management systems that overturn a hundred years of managerial thinking. These new management systems get every employee to think and act like a businessperson - to compete - and they produce astonishing results.

That's Open-Book Management! We can help you implement Open-Book Management, or the Great Game of Business, and guarantee you will see positive results within a year.

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“Not only has our turnover decreased but our guests have certainly benefited from our ability to select the appropriate candidates for management positions. Our team is stronger than ever before and we are looking forward to a very bright future.”

Matt Riley
Human Resource Director
Bruegger’s Bagels