a strategic business partner of Profiles International

a strategic business partner of Profiles International

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Willow Creek Consultants, Inc.


“We are extremely glad to have partnered with Willow Creek Consultants, Inc. Not only has our turnover decreased but our guests have certainly benefited from our ability to select the appropriate candidates for management positions. Our team is stronger than ever before and we are looking forward to a very bright future.”

Matt Riley
Human Resource Director
Bruegger’s Bagels

"The ProfileXT helped me make a better hiring decision for the Yard Supervisor position. You have helped me insure that we hired the right person the first time. I highly recommend utilizing the services of Willow Creek Consultants and the Profile’s International assessment tools to anyone who wants to increase their profits and decrease their employee challenges."

Matt Martinkus
Western Materials, Inc.

“We used the Profile Sales Indicator assessment to identify the key requirements of a top salesperson. We were able to identify the employees who match those key requirements and the employees who didn’t match them. The Sales Indicator provides us with better information about sales candidates so we can make better hiring decisions and feel confident with the critical people decisions. I have, and will continue to recommend the Sales Indicator and your supporting service to any NEMEON member.”

Ryan Evans
CB Wholesale

“We have used the Step One Survey for a year and find it helps reduce the time to hire by 30%. Considering the low cost, low administration time, and the small amount of time it takes the candidates to complete the Step One SurveyII, the value and the return on our investment is priceless. You have helped me insure that we hire the right person the first time because we identify candidates who have a good work ethic and integrity, are dependable and substance free.”

Michael Casciano
Roslyn Supply Company

“We used the Step One Survey honesty and integrity instrument for hiring our employees. The Step One Survey feedback report gives important information that helps me select good employees. It’s a great supplement to my hiring process. The Step One Survey is a quick, easy and accurate way for me to get information that ordinarily might take weeks to find out.”

Patrick Pitman
E-business Coach, Inc.

"Our business model depends on hiring top performers. The delays associated with making a hiring mistake are way too expensive. I value Willow Creek Consultants' assistance in helping us create and monitor our job fit criteria for each position. Thank you!"

Timothy J. Mack
Greens Superintendent
Avondale Golf & Tennis Club

“Thanks for working with me and my staff to better our hiring practices. I feel that your assessment system has benefited Kootenai County Fire & Rescue. You have helped ensure that we hire the right person the first time because we identify candidates who have a good work ethic and integrity and a good fit for our organization”.

Fire Chief Ron Sampert
Kootenai County Fire & Rescue

“We used the Performance Indicator to learn more about our managers so that we are able to communicate more effectively and reduce the conflicts in personality and style. The Performance Indicator Report has provided our managers with valuable feedback for professional growth. As a result, more individual and organizational objectives are being reached.

The Team Analysis has provided us with an accurate picture of our teams’ strengths and development areas. We are now able to focus our training and leadership development on the characteristics lacking in our management team”.

Jarrett Lange, Ed. D.
Special Ed Director
School Psychologist
Wellpinit School District

“During our years in business we have found that the key to success is the ability to recruit and retain top performing people. The quality of today’s employee assessment tools certainly facilitates the recruiting and retention process. We feel that the Profiles products are the finest employee assessment tools on the market. They are easily administered, highly reliable and cost effective. The Profile has helped us make better hiring, promoting, management and training decisions. It has been our experience that these tools have dramatically improved the proficiency of our employees on a daily basis”.

Herb Minatre
Bay Shore Systems, Inc.

“The CheckPoint 360 Degree Competency Feedback System is an excellent tool and the best product in this category that I have used. I received more valuable information in an easy to read, color-coded format. Not only is there validated feedback, but a comprehensive action plan that I can use to implement change, based on the facts from the customized report. The report contains compete and detailed information presented in multiple formats so that I can view my competencies first in a wide-angle lens and then progressively narrow the focus. I would recommend the CheckPoint 360 Feedback System to other organizations interested in growing professionally through this valuable communication and development tool”.

Alan Wolfe
Vice President
Wells Fargo

“It is critical in the Health Services industry to have hight quality personnel to serve our patients. The difficult process of the selection is made much easier by the use of the Profile. We now feel much more confident in screening new applicants for our team”.

Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey B. Ronning, D.C.

“I have been using the Customer Service Survey and Step One Survey for some time now. You have helped me insure that we hire the right person the first time because we identify candidates who have excellent customer service knowledge and personality”.

Michael Saccone
Village Inn

“I want to thank you for a great presentation on “The New Art of Hiring Smart”. We’ve received positive feedback that the presentation was very professional, had great visual aids, provided excellent information and was very helpful. The participants learned effective advertising methods, interviewing strategies, the use of testing and assessing methods to help make better hiring methods…make time to attend your seminar. It will be a great investment in finding quality employees”

Jonathan Coe
Coeur d’Alene Area Chamber of Commerce
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